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NICHOLAS JACOBSON-LARSON is a Los Angeles-based composer, conductor, and orchestrator who has written music for feature films, television, theater and the concert hall.

In 2014, Nicholas composed the score for the feature documentary Rwanda and Juliet, recorded at Warner Bros. Eastwood Stage. He also provided concert orchestrations for composer Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek Into Darkness: Live In Concert, which premiered at Royal Albert Hall, as well as score preparation for the feature film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

In 2013, Nicholas wrote the score for the award-winning documentary Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, and in 2012 was selected to participate in the ASCAP Film/TV Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis, winning the Michelle and Dean Kay Award from The ASCAP Foundation.

Nicholas remains active writing music for the concert hall, having recently completed two commissions for the Naples Philharmonic: Fantasia for Four Harps and Orchestra (a quadruple harp concerto), and The Snow Queen (an educational piece for children, with narration by Dalton Leeb).

As a conductor, Nicholas has led several concerts, revues, recording sessions, and theatrical productions, including the musicals The Light in the Piazza, Les Miserables, and West Side Story. He was recently named Principal Conductor of the Contemporary Performance Collective.

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Rwanda and Juliet (dir. Ben Proudfoot)

Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine (dir. Michele Josue)

Haven: Origins (SyFy; dir. Ben Proudfoot)

Little Knockers (Funny or Die; dir. Tim Johnson)

Book Club (Hulu, dir. Katey Wheelhouse)

Fantasia for Four Harps and Orchestra (concert commission, Naples Philharmonic)

The Snow Queen (concert commission, Naples Philharmonic)



Star Trek Into Darkness: Live In Concert (Michael Giacchino)

Star Trek: Live to Projection (Michael Giacchino)

Cutting the Lines (Andrea Datzman)


Score preparation

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes  (Michael Giacchino)

John Carter  (Michael Giacchino)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol  (Michael Giacchino)

Fringe (Fox TV, Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton)

Alcatraz (Fox TV, Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton, Andrea Datzman)

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